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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

Time:10:22 pm.
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Friday, March 19th, 2004

Subject:Yes or No.... or eh
Time:4:16 pm.
1. Nirvana- eh.
2. Sublime- No.
3. Depeche Mode- Yes.
4. Linkin Park- No.
5. No Doubt- eh.
6. Rage Against the Machine- No.
7. U2- Yes.
8. Green Day- Yes.
9. Beastie Boys- No.
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Yes.
11. Blink-182- No.
12. System of a Down- NO.
13. The Smashing Pumpkins- Yes.
14. Korn- No.
15. Bob Marley-Yes.
16. Metallica- No.
17. The Offspring- No.
18. The Cure- Yes.
19. Incubus- No.
20. Stone Temple Pilots- No.
21. Pearl Jam - Yes.
22. Tool- No.
23. Radiohead- Yes.
24. 311- No.
25. Nine Inch Nails- No.
26. Weezer- eh
27. Social Distortion- No.
28. The Smiths/Morrissey- eh.
29. Jane's Addiction- No.
30. Oingo Boingo- No.
31. Alice In Chains- No.
32. Limp Bizkit- eh.
33. The Clash- Yes.
34. Dave Matthews Band- Yes.
35. Creed- No.
36. The Ramones- eh.
37. Staind- eh.
38. R.E.M.- Yes.
39. Bush- eh.
40. Bad Religion- No.
41. Foo Fighters- eh.
42. New Order- No.
43. Soundgarden- No.
44. Garbage- eh.
45. Pennywise-No.
46. Violent Femmes- No.
47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie- No.
48. David Bowie- Yes.
49. Godsmack- No.
50. Duran Duran- Yes.
51. P.O.D.- No.
52. Coldplay- Yes.
53. Beck- eh.
54. Eminem- eh.
55. Deftones- No.
56. Cypress Hill-No.
57. Oasis- YES.
58. Jimmy Eat World- No.
60. Moby- Yes.
61. The Pixies- No.
62. Blondie- eh.
63. Live- eh.
64. Hole- No.
65. Rancid- No.
66. Fatboy Slim- eh.
67. Siouxsie and the Banshees- No.
68. Marilyn Manson- No.
69. Save Ferris- No.
70. The Sex Pistols- eh.
71. Disturbed- No.
72. Billy Idol- No.
73. The Strokes- Yes.
74. The Police- Yes.
75. Primus- No.
76. The Go-Go's-No.
77. Everclear- No.
78. Bjork- No.
79. Dramarama- No.
80. Prodigy- eh.
81. The Cult- No.
82. Cake- No.
83. MxPx- No.
84. Third Eye Blind- eh.
85. Sum 41- No.
86. Travis- Yes.
87. Papa Roach- No.
88. Devo- No.
89. A Perfect Circle- No.
90. New Found Glory- No.
91. The Cranberries- Yes.
92. Lit- No.
93. The B-52's- No.
94. Puddle of Mudd- No.
95. Blur- Yes.
96. Unwritten Law- No.
97. Pet Shop Boys- Yes.
98. Hoobastank- No.
99. X- No.
100. Lenny Kravitz- No.
101. Adema- No.
102. Echo & the Bunnymen- No.
103. Kid Rock- No.
104. INXS- No.
105. Everlast/House of Pain- No.
106. Faith No More- No.
107. Ozzy Osbourne- No.
108. the charlatans UK- No.
109. cradle of filth- No.
110. joy division- No.
111. rammstein- No.
112. AFI- No.
113. good charlotte- No.
114. orgy- No.
115. elliot smith- No.
116. placebo- eh.
117. dir en grey- No.
118. sisters of mercy- No.
119. the white stripes- Yes.
120. union underground-No.
121. the clash- Yes.
122. the exploited- No.
123. bauhaus/peter murphy- No.
124. Black Flag- No.
125. Rollins Band- No.
126. The Vines- No.
127. Dropkick Murphy's- No.
128. Anti-Flag- No.
129. Suicide Machines- No.
130. Jack off Jill- No.
131. The Early November- No.
132. The Starting Line- No.
133. Alkaline trio-No.
134. The Ataris- No.
135. Smoking Popes- No.
136. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - No.
137. Sloan - No.
138. Starsailor - No.
139. The Music - No.
140. The Darkness -Yes.
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Sunday, March 7th, 2004

Subject:A Quick Distraction In The Middle Of My Paper, Singing The Praises of Philip II of Macedonia ( Alexander's Dad )
Time:10:37 pm.
I'm still sick. And as my friends around me know, especially Mike, I'm a terrible person to be around when I'm sick. I complain and moan and bitch about everything and make it seem a hundred times worse than it is. It's been like this a lot, being sick is probably my great weakness. And I have a paper due tomorrow, and I'm not even half way through, so you can imagine, the bitching levels are sky high.

United won yesterday, which made me incredibly happy. Cardiff, we're there. Spent most of the afternoon (yesterday and today) reading at Starbucks, with Jason and Nish. We watched Starsky and Hutch last night, and I loved it. I love stupid movies like Zoolander (which has to make my top ten list ), just 'cos they're silly. I love it. And this might lead you to think I'm silly. But see, it takes a different liking. Judging it for its quality of mis-en-scene and the integrity of the characters and dialogue and plot and the quality of style and content.... is incredibly silly in itself. So don't.

Nothing much else. Been reading a lot. This horrible fever and cold (see, here I go again) doesn't help one bit. My paper's not going to be the usual excellent standard I fear ;) and I havent been able to read Philosophy either.

Atleast it's rather interesting, this paper. One day I will rule the world like Alexander did. Well, he atleast tried...
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Friday, March 5th, 2004

Time:1:46 pm.
Mood: sick.
Friday's here, and I feel so sick, worse than yesterday. Ugh I think I need a haircut...methinks it's all this long hair that's making me sick, time for it to go.
Feel so tired, going to take a nap now. Nothing much else to report. I have two papers to do this weekend, and it's probably going to leave me no time for anything exciting as they're both terribly hard. United play Fulham tomorrow, which will be the highlight of my day :) hopefully we can win... we really have to.

Alrighty that's it for now, I wanna sleep... maybe I'll write more tomorrow (after we win)

p.s I saw this Italian movie last night, which I really really liked. I think I'll get the dvd in London. It's called Ginger and Cinnamon. Do watch it.
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Subject:i want a death-dealing lute
Time:1:30 am.
LiveJournal userinfo for AnanthAnanth in five years
Occupation: Part Time Builder
Prized possession: A death-dealing lute.
Favourite film: Harry Potter and the Year Snape Snapped
Age difference: Five years older.
LiveJournal Blurty Neither
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Time:11:22 pm.
And then the bell tolled midnight - It was unusually warm for this time of year and a hint of magnolia wafted through the night sky. It was the first time Ananth had been out of his room in weeks, and the loss of him still hung heavily on his heart. "If only I had been honest, what would have happened?" he said with chagrin as he took a step off the curb. A single bird flew overhead and the screeching sounds of combating alley cats could be heard in the total silence of the night. It was as if the entire world had simply disappeared and Ananth was the only man alive.
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Time:8:24 pm.
Mood: worried.
Well another weekend's come and gone. And I'm already stressing so much about the week ahead. It's so strange that I feel that I live all my weeks for the weekends, and that seems like it kinda defeats the purpose of everything.
I dont have time to write too much. Gonna read for a bit, and then we're going to watch Eurotrip at ten. I'm only going 'cos Lindsey said I'd love it 'cos there was a whole bit about Man United.... haha
The weekend was fun. Went with Tony saturday to watch the football. O'Brien's doesnt show it anymore, so I had to go to the Cock and Bull which was further away. As much as I love O'Brien's and have this weird loyalty to it I have to admit it was great. The rugby was on too and the Scots were going crazy. United lost though, which is a pretty big defeat 'cos Arsenal beat Chelsea (again), and it's seven points now. My head tells me we cant catch up with them this time and we won't win anything, but my heart says different. Even if we dont win the league, perhaps Europe ??!!! Or even the FA cup, 'cos I love it so much.
Last night was fun. Played poker, again, and lost, again. And drank so much. And played fun drinking games. Speed was great. My reactions were so slow and Kristin kept kicking my arse and we got it all on tape it was so so funny.
Slept most of the day today and didnt read too much. Figured out stuff about all my classes and all and I gotta decide tomorrow so I'm meeting an adviser tomorrow. And about summer school too. It's all just too complicated and I've been stressing about it all evening.
Righto I think I'd better go read.
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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004

Subject:Instead of studying for tomorrow's test, I do this...
Time:3:01 pm.
I am 27% Internet Addict

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Take the Internet Addict Test at fuali.com
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Monday, February 16th, 2004

Subject:Pride Of Manchester
Time:1:01 pm.
(by Steve Bartram)

There are few feelings akin to watching a United performance like we saw against City. Watching ten red-shirted heroes battle tooth and claw to see off our local rivals is enough to remind you why we should be proud to support Manchester United.
In the midst of media criticism and the backlash of a number of our own fans, it's easy to labour under the delusion that trophies are the only important aspect of football.

But the victory over City was almost totally divorced from the issue of progression to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. It was about digging in in the wake of stinging criticism and at the door of adversity to reaffirm how much being associated with United means.

Saturday's tabloids contained Roy Keane's annual tirade at his team-mates. In reference to some of the club's younger players, the Irishman said: "They need to remember just how lucky we all are to play for Manchester United and show that out on the pitch."

I defy anybody to say that the nine men who finished the game alongside Keano hadn't shown their captain just what it meant to don the red shirt.

A succession of sloppy goals conceded in preceding games had given the media all the ammunition they needed to fill column inches. With United a goal up but shorn of an uncharacteristically reckless Gary Neville at half-time, the press box would have been teeming with journalists reserving their back page lead for another defensive collapse.

But rather than wilt, United stood firm and defended as a team. The back four kept City at bay during a breathless twenty-minute period at the start of the second half, aided and abetted by Tim Howard's phenomenal reflexes.

The midfield worked tirelessly, alternating between aiding the besieged defence and the isolated Ruud van Nistelrooy, who battled all afternoon as United strived to build on Paul Scholes' first-half opener.

And when Ruud hooked home the second goal - almost at the expense of his fertility after crashing into the post - one look around the stadium yielded unbridled joy in every corner. (OK, so East Stand Tier 2 and the adjoining corner of the South Stand seemed a bit subdued but we'll forget about them.)

Cristiano Ronaldo, whose measured cross put the goal on a plate for Van Nistelrooy, put in a performance of perpetual motion and bagged his second goal for the club to send Old Trafford into further rapture.

Ruud's second was bookended by two City goals which denied the defence a confidence-boosting clean sheet, but ultimately they counted for nothing as United put in a matchwinning performance which smacked of hurt pride.

So all hail the ten red heroes. The team may yet end up without a trophy at the end of the season, but they have once again reaffirmed the faith which some United fans take for granted, and reminded us why we are proud to be Red.

(from manutd.com)
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Friday, February 13th, 2004

Subject:Lots of mushrooms, please
Time:2:26 am.
Mood: tired.
Time to sleep! Never been so excited about sleeping methinks after getting none last night.
Today's been alright, got my exams and papers over with. And the evening was very fun. Josh came over for a bit (and lost some money). And later we had a drink as well; a relaxed evening all in all. Just one class tomorrow - and then hopefully a relaxed three day weekend.

G'night, I'm off - the pizzas are here...
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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004

Time:12:41 am.
Mood: distressed.
I've got so much to read. For my exam tomorrow. And have another Thursday.
And a paper due Thursday. I was supposed to give in a draft tomorrow morning, my t.a. suggested he'd go over it. I met him today and sorted out my outline and what I'm going to write etc. But because of my stupid exam I havent been able to write it. Which is just terrible. And if this fucks up my grade I'm going to be so pissed.
And I have work tomorrow. And referee obnoxious twenty year olds playing football acting like they're ten. Till eleven tomorrow night.

Thursday evening.... hurry up. I can't wait for this storm to pass.

Fingers crossed I'll make it in one piece.
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Monday, February 9th, 2004

Subject:the easiest 150 bucks anyone ever made...
Time:7:46 pm.
Today I made a bet with Mike and Jason : here's how it goes...
If England win the World Cup in 2006, each of them will give me seventy five bucks. And if not, I give them fifty each.

I'm sure I'm going to win... really, I have no doubt at all. Becks and Mickey and Rooney and Rio and Gerrard and everybody else will be so incredible in two years time...but they're of little faith.

So like I said, the easiest 150 bucks ever made...I can't lose ;)
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Time:9:17 pm.
Mood: angry.
Christina Aguilera (slut cough cough slut ) beats Dido to a Grammy. Dido.



EDIT> Atleast Coldplay won, for clocks. So I'm not so mad now.
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Subject:That's it, I definitely am addicted to these quizzes
Time:11:57 am.
Mood: impressed.

the United Nations!

Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to
completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long
way to go.  You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each
other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of
beating each other about the head and torso.  Sometimes it works and sometimes
it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result.  But your heart
is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.

Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Time:11:11 pm.
Mood: tired.
Yawn. Can't keep eyes open. Oh so tired. Yawn.

Tomorrow's Friday, thank god. I was up more or less up all night last night... writing my paper, which turned out brilliantly methinks :-) , and was out all day today till like six, with so much to do.

Well now it's all done, and all this means I can go to sleep right now.

Goodnight ladies and gents.
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Time:2:21 am.
Oh my god what an incredibly eventful day. And tomorrow will be too I think, but just 'cos I'm so busy with stuff from 9 till 6.

I'm in the middle of my philosophy paper now, and will be up for another few hours I think.

And I have to wake up at 7 to edit it and print it out before class at nine.

Tomorrow evening I'll be free of everything!! So I'll write then...

I hope everyone reading this is doing brilliantly.

Well, are you ?
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Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Subject:What's the Saha song then...
Time:2:14 pm.
Mood: lazy.
Lots to do today ugh. But something tells me I'm not going to do much of it. Like yesterday, when I had all these plans to do all this work, and in the end, did absolutely nothing.
It's been a fun weekend though. I was supposed to go to this Persian party at this club thursday night. But didn't in the end, for a bunch of reasons. For one, I was simply exhausted - thursday was the longest day ever. Had class from nine, and work till like ten at night. And I wasn't in the mood to spend money, as the last time we went to a club, last week, I spent like forty bucks on drinks. I do get rather out of control. And thursday we didnt have a ride either, and I didnt want my friend to drive back all the way just to pick us up. And I dont think any of us were really keen on going, so I was rather relieved in the end, and prefered to stay at home. I cant remember what I did instead, hm think I just read for a bit and had an early night.
Friday night was great - played a fun game of poker. I was supposed to go to this party after too, but the poker game went on forever, till atleast two, so it became too late. But still it was really fun on its own, and I think I got pretty drunk (enough to get into my halloween costume again, for a bit).
So Saturday was supposed to be my day of work... but ended up lazing around all day and doing nothing productive at all. Saw the United game, which was very entertaining. Glad Saha scored, but still not sure if he's good enough to be our no. 9. I'll be incredibly glad if I'm proved wrong and he ends up being marvellous. Last night was the same - no work at all. Somehow a bunch of us ended up watching The Virgin Suicides. It was actually really good I thought.

Nothing much else. Nothing too exciting to write about sadly. But things are going well I'd suppose. Except for the mountain of work in front me that I'd rather ignore than start to climb. Keeping somewhat busy, and more importantly, enjoying everything.
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Saturday, January 31st, 2004

Subject:I'll never get tired of these quizzes methinks
Time:8:49 pm.
Mood: lazy.

You are HEATHEN CHEMISTRY. The new album, and a
fucking good one at that. Stop Crying Your
Heart Out, Songbird and The Hindu Times are
classics. Oasis finally followed through with a
promise of a brilliant album, though there is a
mixed opinion of Heathen Chemistry.

Which Oasis album are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:Oh yea I'm a rockstar!
Time:9:56 pm.

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide
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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Time:1:06 pm.
Mood: amused.
Headline: 'Sick Ghouls Film 'Suicide''
Opening paragraph: 'CALLOUS voyeurs used camera phones to film body of dying woman'.

Headline: 'Star Striker Dies On Pitch'
Opening paragraph: 'STUNNED players watch as Miklos Feher collapses and dies in Portugal'

The second story was of course accompanied by a photograph of the dead player lying on the pitch.

(from football365.com)
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